Since cleaning out the blog, you'll find all of my tips PRIOR to July 2008 in this post.

Photoshop Action for Rubix Cube:

Here is the link for the action in PS for the Rubix cube! Thanks for asking Jody!


And here for PSE



Newspaper Snippet Generator:

Okay, so I "thought " the link was on the RUBIX site....LOL.....but it wasn't (thanks Linda-that's why it's so important to me to have people leave comments).

So I went back and found it again:

Find the newspaper snippet generator HERE

Once again, would love to see if you do use it! I have TONS of ideas swirling in my head on how to use it! Now, I just have to buckle down and do it!


DIP users can also use the RUBIX Cube:

Okay- I KNOW in photoshop there is an action to do this. I have it....LOL...but hey....what about us DIPpers....all lonely out there in the world of "no actions"?

Just for fun....LOL....I've found an online cubemaker for y'all!!! Now I will say, that while playing with it, I just uploaded it to my flickr account and then took the image from there....but you can save it however is best for you. I was thinking if I made 3 of these, then just used the marquis tool to cut out a side with a different pic, and stuck them together, this might be REALLY cool. You'll have to use the marquis tool or the transparency tool on the background too! I would also suggest cropping your photo to "just the right size" before doing this for a better image.

So, I wanted to share! You'll find the online action here, along with a few more that might be handy for a little "change of pace", including a newspaper generator, where you fill out your info and it makes a jpg of a newspaper. If you like it....and do a LO, I'd LOVE to see! Here's what it looks like when finished!

Plus, it's summer, and I thought some kids might enjoy this....it's an UBER simple application....so why not put the dog or the hamster in a cube? LOL


Saving Information for Scraplifting:

This question came through a group of mine. I thought I would share it here too, since you might not know this.

When you save a photo as a scraplift, and want to make sure that credit is given when sharing, etc., try this.

Right click on the photo first and Save As....( I have a scraplift folder I save these to). Then keep your browser window open, because you'll need the info, but minimize your screen.

Go to the photo where you've saved it at on your computer. Right click on it. Go down to properties (it's at the bottom). A window will open up, on the top of that window, you will see 2 tabs-General and Summary. Click on the Summary tab. Then you will see lots of room to store this information with your photo. I add the URL in the Author section just copy and paste it from your browser window. I add the credits in the comments section, just copy and paste them from the page. Then I add any other info I want to in there. Hit "Apply".

This way, when you are sharing a scraplift, you don't have to remember where you got it from, all of the info is in there by right clicking and following the top few steps, and proper credit can be given!


Out of Bounds Video Tutorial-Download links can be found at the top of the blog!

Pay no attention to the laundry in the background...LOL....it was laundry day at my house....LOL....forgive the coughing too.....I've had a cold hanging on for like a week! LOL

I hope you enjoy this....You can watch it here on my blog....and if you'd like to download it for better clarity, I'll be uploading it to my 4shared downloads tomorrow. It plays BEST in Windows Media Player. I kindof RUSHED through the shadowing part just a bit, but you should get the jist of it. I did the tutorial using DIP shadows, which I really just don't use anymore.

Leave me a note if you get to do this, and send a LO if you get one done! You'll find my email in my TOU!


Image Stabalizer from Scrapkitty!

$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera - Lose The Tripod - More amazing videos are a click away


PLUG INs for DIPpers

Loner asked this question, and I guess I consider myself a novice at things....but then realize that others may just be a step or two behind me.....

So, I'm going to share with you some info about "Plug In" filters.

First of all......most plugins in an "8bf" format can be used in DIP....with a few exceptions......Some take a little "playing with" to get them to work, others, well, they work just fine.

You'll find them all over the web just by "googling" Plug In or 8bf plug in. Don't go download crazy, because many of these are totally unecessary in DIP.

I searched through my bookmarks and found Eye Candy here:


I cannot guarantee their authenticity, so I'm just pointing you to the link. I am not sure if shadowlab is in those.....but look for some kind of "shadow" file once you install it. Once you use it, you'll NEVER use DIP shadows again.

To install plug in filters....this are directions I give my "newbies". So if you've never done plugins before, you'll need to start from the beginning.

Create a folder in my documents.....label it: PlugINs_readyforuse (this step is not necessary if you already have a plug in folder, just install them all into there!)

Download your plug in's unzip them if necessary, and install them into the above folder. Take your time installing so that you know they are done correctly. Follow all steps during installation, so you know they are installed correctly.

Once installed....

Open DIP>file new(whatever size you want, this is just to test it)>insert>shape>square.....fill it with any color (we're just testing here)>effects(top of the screen)>plug in filters

Now a new window opens up, but nothing is there.....unless you have previously installed plugins.

Click on: Change plug-ins folder>locate the folder you just created (PlugINs_readyforuse) and click okay......voila, there are your programs......play away!

Eye Candy KEEPS your last used setting....so when "shadowing" a photo, no more "trying" to get it right, it's repetitive. you can also save your setting and name it what you like by clicking on >settings>save......that way, you'll know what you've used as you flip back and forth through your LO's.

One warning....while these files are small....they tend to shut down dip (and others too for that matter)....so SAVE SAVE SAVE as you go!

I hope that this was indeed helpful to y'all! If so, leave a message or a "shout out" and let me know.


Creating a Ribbon-Video Tutorials can be downloaded from links at the top of my blog!

Ever wonder how to create just the right ribbon for your LO? Well, here ya go! You can watch this live on Youtube here on my blog, and the download link is in the left of my blog. It opens with Windows Media Player. You'll get better quality if you download it.


Video Tutorial-Creating a Quick Page- DIP Video Tutorials can be downloaded from the links at the top of my blog!

Here you are Memory Maker, thank you for emailing and asking how to create a quick page. If anyone has any questions about this video, please email me! If you'd like to save this tutorial on your hard drive for better viewing in Windows Media, you can find a download link on the left of my blog.


Color Splash Technique

This one can be so much fun and so simple! If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line! If you'd like to view this in Windows Media, you'll find a download link on the left of my blog!

If you use any of my video tutorials, I would LOVE to see the finished product! So, send me an email (you'll find them in my TOU) and let me have a look!


Folded Paper:

Here is a short video tutorial on folding over that paper in DIP!

Of course, you can customize it to your need....but this should be a starting off point for many of you. You will find the download for this file in the left hand column of my blog if you would like to view it in Windows Media better, sometimes the quality of youtube isn't that great.


Resizing my 8x8 Templates to 12x12

Anne asked, and I definitely feel the question deserves a blog response since there are some newbies here! So thanks Anne!

First of all...just an FYI....I use DIP....you can use most of my templates in other programs....and <sigh>...I deleted the post that Jenn shared on how to do this. However, I do remember that you can use the magic wand and select areas of color.

Maybe Jenn will stop by and explain how again!

Okay, for all you DIPPERS...LOL



>12x12 size

now open the template, it will be in the "files" section on the right hand side....

DRAG it onto the new 12x12 size and use the corner pulls to move it to the larger size. Once you have done that...right click on it and choose >ungroup.

Then all of the template will be in pieces! Hope that helps Anne and others! If you have any more questions, let me know!


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MemoryKeeper said...

I downloaded plugins today after using DIP for 2 years. Wow, the DS is really the best!

Thanks so much!


P.S. Do you know of any way to do a text path in DIP?