New Kits! Diz Medleys! Scrapbook your Disney Pages

It’s been a while since I have put out some new Diz Kits! So today, I have an entire collection to debut in both Scrapdebris and My Memories!
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First, we have Diz Medleys Ariel!  I had a blast making the Mermaid and those Tentacles!
ariel1ariel2         ariel3
ariel4         ariel5
I also have some Diz Medleys Ariel Jump Starts!  Jumps Starts are 8 1/2 x 11 in JPG format. You can use them for so many things to make your projects go so quick! They can be used for Calendars, Backgrounds, Tags and More!  Mix and Match Jump Starts to get your project done in a SNAP!
I do have some Party Pack Printables for Ariel as well!  You can personalize your invitations, decorations, thank you cards and more!  Add your own photos and embellishments, write your text  or add text on your computer!  Use them over and over again.  Party Pack printable items can also double as extra embellishments!

Next Up is Diz Medleys Aurora!  Loved making the spinning wheel, it was quite the challenge!
aurora2         aurora3
aurora4         aurora5
Aurora also has a Jump Start!
And Aurora wouldn’t be complete without a Party Pack Printable!

Next Up is Diz Medleys Cinderella! Chock full of goodies for your little princess!
cinderella2         cinderella3
cinderella4         cinderella5
Cinderella has a Jump Starts too!
And make your party an easy go with this great Party Pack Printable for Cinderella!
Last but not least (and I’ve got a few more in the works), is Diz Medleys Snow White! Do you see the Wicked Queen’s hand offering her an apple and the dwarf hat cluster?I LOVE THOSE!snowwhite1
snowwhite2         snowwhite3
snowwhite4         snowwhite5
And Snow White has a Jump Starts!
And make your Snow White party go crazy with this great Party Pack Printable!


Stacey said...

omgosh! I love them! I have all your others! these are on my wishlist for sure! soon as his temp disability checks start coming in I'm getting these for sure! they are awesome! Cinderella is my favorite though!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the freebie, sweetie. Awesome work!!!

MissStaceyLynn said...

Thank you so much for these beautiful alphas! I have never seen your work, so I am glad I stumbled across your blog!

Christine K said...

Thank you!

Liza said...

Cute! Thank you.

Gayle Lungle said...

Lot at you go, girl! These are so totally awesome. I am certainly going to look at the jump start pages. Thank-You for the very pretty word art gifts.