Thank you AnitaB - From MAC users!

AnitaB posted a comment on my tutorial. I think it needs it’s own post! These are her instructions for MAC users!

I work on a Mac, so here is the procedure on a Mac:
1. Double-click on the preview jpg to open in Preview
2. Select view on the bar of the preview window; drop down & select "Thumbnails"
3. Do "Copy" (Command+C)
4. Do Command+I (or go to File - Info)
5. Select the folder icon in the top left corner of the icon
6. Do "Paste" (Command+V)


Thank you AnitaB!


A Quickie Tutorial



I am a visual learner.  I’m betting many of you are as well!

I had a friend ask me about this, so I thought I would share it with all of you just in case.  Yes, it’s time consuming, but in the long run, I think you’ll love it!

You will need to convert your preview into an icon.  I use ICOFX (I bought it years ago) because I do them in batches, but there are several FREE online versions as well.

Here are just a few links:






1. Convert your kit preview into an icon (make sure you’re not changing the original if you are using a different program to do so).

2.  Place your icon INTO the kit folder you are changing.

3. Navigate to the folder- Right click on it and choose CUSTOMIZE


5. Click on BROWSE and navigate to your folder

select the icon

click open

click OK

click OK and APPLY


I have icons for all my design kits, so if you need one or two, shoot me an email  for which ones you need, and i’ll send them to you!


If you have any questions about this, message me and let me know!


3 New Kits to add to “Fixin’ to”!

Fixin' to Cookout is approximately 102mb and contains
24 12x12 papers
24 elements including:2 bows, a bratt on a skewer, a filmstrip, a firepit, 2 flowers, 3 square frames, round frame, grill, ice bucket with ice, ketchup, mayonaise, mustard and rellis bottles, a shiskabab, spatula, steak, picnic table, tongs, watermelon and a cookout word art
Find it here at My Memories
Find it here at Scrapdebris

Fixin' to Overnight is approximately 75mb and contains:
13 12x12 papers
18 elements including: sleeping moon, pajama top and bottoms, a rolled sleeping bag, a curled ribbon, no girls allowed brad, car, 2 flowers, 1 frame, nerf, nerf ammo, pizza, popcorn, robot, silly string, tie and word art cluster
Geared more towards boys, but since my daughter has 3 older brothers (and loves robots, cars and nerf guns), I wanted to create two kits with distinctive colors and elements that you can use separately or together.

Fixin' to Sleepover is approximately 81mb and contains:
12 12x12 papers
18 elements including:
bow, no boys allowed brad, a furry bunny, 2 flowers, tied ribbon, straight ribbon with sleepover on it, frame, sleepy moon, pajama bottoms and top, sleeping bag with pillow, ice cream, sleeping mask, pizza, popcorn, slippers and a word art cluster

Geared more towards girls, because I know that my daughter loves cars and robots, but also loves to be a girly girl too!


It’s iNSD Weekend! Celebrate With Me!

30% off both shops Saturday and Sunday!
I also have some great freebies I’ve created!

Sometimes, Shutterfly will send a promo code for a free 20 page book but you only have a few days to finish it up.  Not enough pages to really do a “family year” book, but just enough for other projects.
Stacks are a fabulous way to create Recipe Books in a flash and that is exactly what I do with these.
I have a few of them here on the blog and more on my
(Under Freebies)
Available through the weekend only, then into the shop they go!







New in the Shops! The “Fixin’ to” Collection!

In Texas, we say "Fixin' to"!  It's pretty common phrase here.
So, I've decided to introduce a new series called just that.
I have three kits to start with, and 3 more coming out mid May.  These are "mini" style kits, and priced accordingly because of their smaller size, with just a few papers and elements to scrap those pages you've been  "Fixin to" scrapbook!
Each kit has exclusive patterns by me, a themed word art paper and unique word art clusters.
Introductory pricing for the first week as well, so you get a great deal!
CT KW_fixintofish_LO1
CT KW_fixintotravel_LO1



New Kit! Everyday Joy! And a Cluster Freebie

Happy April Everyone! I hope your days are getting warmer and prettier!  Time for Spring Photo Opportunities!
New in the shops!  Everyday Joy!
Find it here at My Memories  AND
Find it here at Scrapdebris

And for My Memories Users, Everyday Joy 4pg pack! 
Find the 4 page pack here at My Memories!
everydayjoy2          everydayjoy3
I do have a beautiful cluster to go with this kit as well!
Enjoy the Day!