New Kit-An Easter Sunrise

Howdy all!  Spring is here finally in the great state of Texas! I hope  if it hasn’t reached you yet, it will soon!

I have a fun new Easter kit for you! Capture those memories with my newest kit- An Easter Sunrise!!

You’ll find 2 freebies! Both are also included in the kit purchase.

You’ll find a very springy alpha here on my blog and a great word art on my Facebook Fan Page! He is Risen! Here in our household, we believe it, live it, and hold fast to it.

You’ll find it here in the shop:


An Easter Sunrise is approximately 121mb and includes:
1 lowercase alpha set
1 He is Risen word art
22 12x12 papers
2 felt Easter Baskets
2 rainbow blurs
1 bow
1 double bow
1 brad
1 bunny
3 butterflies
1 carrot
1 cross
4 decorated eggs in sticker style
10 flowers
5 frames
1 journal matte
2 ladybugs
1 string
1 sun
1 word tag-traditions
1 Easter egg tree
1 WA-All Dressed Up

You can download this lovely alpha here on the blog (it is also included in the kit).


And you’ll find this goody on my Facebook Fan Page (also included in the kit itself).


Are you Wishing for Spring? We sure are!!!

Here in the great state of Texas, we’ve had a small taste of Spring, but not nearly enough for what we are typically used to.
I’ve made this kit in hopes that when Spring shows up, we can claim our wishes came true!!!
Please don’t forget to snag the freebie quick page here and the bonus Facebook Fan Page freebie as well!  Both are also included in the kit as well.
This kit has an intro special through the weekend!

A Wish for Spring is approximately 85mb and contains:
1 full uppercase Alpha
14 12x12 papers
1 stitched felt arrow
1 berry cluster
2 curly tied ribbons (that can also be doubled as a frame)
11 brads
2 doodles
1 fabric flower
4 additional flowers
4 frames
1 6 photo string frame
3 roped butterflies
3 felt stars
3 tags
Quick Page Freebie (also included in the kit purchase):


Baker-The People in Your Neighborhood Collection

Introducing the newest addition!  Baker!

Baker-The People in Your Neighborhood Collection is approximately 167mb and contains:
27 12x12 papers
Assorted "Baked Goods" such as bread, cookies, donuts, donut holes, ├ęclairs, pastry, petit four and a pie
1 apron, 1 awning, 3 bows, 1 tall display case with baked goods, 3 wide display cases (1 with glass 1 without), 3 flowers, 10 assorted frames, 1 measuring cup, 1 mixer, 1 piping bag, 1 wooden spoon, and 1 "Baker" word art.

Find it in the shop with an intro price of just $2.00 (for a limited time).  http://scrapdebris.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=201



And here is a quick page sampler!  Included in the kit purchase as well!




Need a little “Spring”? Breeze In- A New Kit to lighten your day!


I know everyone MUST be tired of WINTER! Even here in the normally warm state of Texas, we have experienced a Winter that was way too long! We are finally seeing some SUNSHINE, and it really puts a SPRING in my step.

So gear up and have some super fun with Breeze In! I have a quick page available both here and on my Facebook Fan Page!  It’s the same page, just select whatever location is easier for you.

Breeze In is approximately 108mb and contains:
15 12x12 papers
1 border, 1 bow, 1 clustered bow, 5 brads, 1 word brad, 1 envelope element, 1 flower, 1 clustered frame,1 round frame, 1 crumpled fabric frame, 1 gingham ribbon clustered frame, 1 square frames, 1 photo corner, 1 ribbon and 1 tag

You’ll find it here in the shop with an intro price of 25% off (for a short time:


Here is the quick page for you to enjoy! Here’s hoping it’s spring like weather soon in your neighborhood!



Howdy All! A freebie kit!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on.  It seems like when you get to a “certain stage of life”, things come upon you so quickly, you need to stop to adapt.
My mother in law has been ill and then was placed in a nursing home in November.  We feel this is not the best for her, so we are bringing her here for a few months to get her back on track and engaged in life again,and we’ll go from there.  Organizing care for the elderly can be an overwhelming and demanding task, and one we were not totally prepared for emotionally or physically.  But now we feel we’re back to “par” and I am hoping that I can get back to work!

I am offering up this small token of my appreciation, I’m offering up this freebie kit through the weekend in the shop!