The “Great Close Out” sale

I am retiring over 70 items from the shop over the next few weeks.  If you want them, get them before they are gone forever!
Look through my Close Out Section!



A New (ad)Venture!

Yes, you have heard correctly,  I recently joined the team at MyMemories.com! Thank you to those who have sent congratulatory emails and left messages here and on Facebook!

When I started digital scrapbooking over 11 years ago, I never thought it would lead to a path of Designing for the masses.
I began designing in 2005 and opened my own personal shop, Scrapdebris.com,  in 2007.
Honestly, I look back at those beginning designs and say to my self, “Self, what were you thinking?!?!?” My designs were rudimentary at best and most of them were pretty awful!

Shortly after I opened Scrapdebris,  the industry went CRAZY! Designers like myself, new and fresh, were coming out of the woodwork. The bigger shops were very intimidating to me and many others who were new and lacked confidence.  I decided to allow others to join my shop with no fees so that they could get a feel if they were going to make a go of Designing. A few joined for a very short time and then left.  Three fledgling designers stuck with me for several years.

I ran 3 “So You Wanna Be a Designer” classes with over 30 participants.  We shared knowledge and were encouraging and patient with each other.  It really was fun!

Then, the Facebook CRAZE started, and people began exiting forums like crazy. Scrapbook page shares on Shop sites became strictly advertising venues and few shared their personal pages and went to Facebook to do so. It’s understandable and yet disheartening at the same time. The scrapbooking community can be a wonderful place.

In 2013 I went with the flow, and entered into the “ZenCart” store world to meet the Industry Standard with instant downloads. I love my shop, and I plan on keeping it for years to come. I didn’t want to be a manager, so it’s still just lil’ ol’ me there. 

I began searching for an additional shop that I wanted to be a part of.  I wanted to be with designers whom I admired and was inspired by who encouraged and shared their knowledge with others.  It was a LOT harder than I thought to find the right fit for me.

I had a short setback with my Mom moving in with us in May of 2013 and  Mother in Law’s illness at the beginning of this year  (we took her out of an awful nursing home situation and nursed her back to health over a 3 month period until she could go back home). It was exhausting and frustrating and rewarding at the same time.
So I kept designing, but I had to cut back more than I had planned and focus on our family.

I’ve counted over 12 Digital Scrapbook shops that have closed over the past 18 months. Social media seemed to help some and absolutely decimate other designers and shops.  We now had to Facebook, Tweet (I’m still not there yet) and more!  WHEW! Don’t get me wrong, you do what you have to when you are a small business owner. Marketing is a fierce beast!
So, I designed, I packaged, I uploaded, I blogged, I advertised, and still I was looking for an additional shop to call home.

Last month I made the leap and connected with Management at MyMemories. I found a shop that met my criteria, held a high industry standard, and encourages their Designers to be the best they can be! Apparently, they are fond of my designs as well, and so it is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce to you my shop at MyMemories:
My kits and goodies will be available in a few short weeks, so keep checking back!

Thank you for being supportive and encouraging over the years and allowing me to pour out my heart in this post.  I look forward to designing that perfect kit to help you to “Capture your life’s moments”!


Autumn’s Kaleidoscope! New kit and freebies!

I just couldn’t resist this one.  I was inspired by some old photos of my kids! Perfect for those Autumn/Thanksgiving memories!
You’ll find one freebie here and one on my Facebook Fan Page as well!
To celebrate the “catch up at the end of the year on my scrapbooking” season, ha!, I have all Brag Books on sale 50% off as well!  http://scrapdebris.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=6
Autumn's Kaleidoscope is approximately 138mb and contains:
21 12x12 papers and 72 elements including-
3 original bows
2 brads
1 branch
2 flowers
7 small fabric style flowers
8 frames
3 painted leaves
2 additional leaves
1 woven matte
1 pumpkin
3 ribbons
1 woven and frayed strip
1 tag with bow and cluster
8 wooden and stitched tags
11 stitched tags
1 turkey element
It also includes "TURKEY" word art and a facebook timeline cover at an additional 12mb
Find it here (with an intro sale price):
Download the Turkey Word Art
Find this timeline cover on my Facebook Fan Page!


How ‘bout one for ‘Da Boys? A new kit and a freebie!

With my boys getting older, it gets a little more “complicated” to scrap them. Rather than doing a typical fall style kit, I was inspired to go a little more “boy” but still keep to my clean style that I love scrapping with.
Here it is: ‘Da Boys! 
You’ll find it in the shop with an intro price that is 20% off.
'Da Boys is approximately 186mb and contains:
1 lowercase alpha-denim stitched
25 12x12 papers
68 elements

I have two goodies for you!
A quick page here on the blog!
The Alpha is no longer on the fan page, but IS included in the kit download!
Have a great weekend y’all!


How about a new Diz kit! It’s here! Anna and Elsa

This one was super fun to design.  So much so, that I did go a little overboard but who cares?  It’s a DIZ kit!
To celebrate, I also have 50 items ON SALE in the shop!
My husband had a business trip with a “lag” and took some fantastic photos of landscapes in Lucerne Switzerland!  I thought it was a perfect match in adding some of these photos into several of the papers in this kit!
You’ll find this kit here at Scrapdebris and it’s 20% off through the weekend:  http://scrapdebris.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=213
In order to not break copy write infringement, I had to be very careful in designing some of the elements in this kit, but you’ll still find it SUPER CHOCK FULL of goodies!
Anna And Elsa is approximately 280mb and contains:
32 12x12 papers
2 sets of uppercase alphas
2 sets of snowflake numbers
32 brads
2 beads
1 bead spray
6 bows
1 cloud
1 sheer "cape" element
9 flowers
1 flower cluster
2 floral borders
6 frames
1 frame cluster
1 glitter swirl
1 journal matte
1 lantern
2 mittens (1 left and 1 right)
2 ribbons
5 sheer ribbons
3 glitter strings
2 icicle borders
2 snow borders
2 snow drift elements
22 snowflakes
I also did a layout of my precious daughter Zoey!
And a Great Freebie here on the blog (also included in kit purchase):
DOWNLOAD Anna and Elsa Extras

This is no longer a Fan Freebie, but IS included in the kit purchase!